La Martin Mountain Hut is guarded from the end of June to the 28th of August 2022.


how to book?

You have to book online, over HERE. You will have to pay a 10 € per person deposit.

If you want to come in less than 48h, online booking will be impossible: you will have to call us to book.

Do not forget to inform us about the food allergies in your group and to order the picnics (as we are isolated, we need to anticipate our food supplies). 

But if you want to have a break at the hut during the day and enjoy a drink or a meal, no need to book! You can come anytime, we serve drinks and food all day long. J




Summer 2021 Prices
             CATEGORY Night Half-board
Adult 18,50 € 47 €
12-18 years old and students* 11 € 38 €
Children (8-12 years old)* 11 € 33 €

Children under 8 years old*

11 € 22 €


WATCH OUT: we do not accept credit card (cash or banck check only)


  • Bivouac: 5 € per person (max. 10 persons)
    When the mountain hut is caretaken, bivouac is allowed next to the hut. The price includes access to the facilities (drinkable water, toilet, kitchen, dishes...). You can also book diner and/or breakfast: 
    Vous pouvez également choisir de dîner et petit-déjeuner au refuge : 
                    - Adult half-board bivouac:  32 €
                    - Half-board bivouac <12 years old : 20 €
  • Dinner only: soup, main course, local cheese, desert (everything is "home-made"!)
    • Adult and students: 20 €
    • Children (<12 years old) : 15 €
  • Breakfast only
    • Adult and students: 10 €
    • Children (<12 years old): 7 €
  • Pic-Nic : 10 € 50
    • To take-away - home-made mixed salad, sandwich, fruit purée, slice of cake, home-made fruit paste
    • Do not forget to bring your own box and fork for the mixed salad in order to reduce waste and protect the environment, we will give you a 50 ct discount.
  • Kitchen tax: 2 € per person to use gaz, dishes and the off-bag kitchen
  • Rental of a sleeping bag liner: 5 € 


* Discounts on presentation of proof


WARNING : because of work of renovations, the hut will be CLOSED from the 29th of August until the Winter. 

At the end of the renovation, you will find blankets, dishes, and gaze. The price is 11 € per person, there is a money box at the entrance (cash or bank check). 

The money goes to the National Park and allows the hut to be lokked after, please play along!  

CATEGORy Night only
Adult 11 €
Young (-18 years old and student) 5 €
Children (-8 years old) Free
Tax passage during the day (gaz, wood, dishes) 2 € / person


The hut is location within the Heart of the National Park and bivouac is not allowed when the hut is winterazed and the hut keepers are away - thank you.

You need a piece of advice?

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